Nov 24

Fundamental of Self-Defense Skills Development

If you are looking to learn self-defense and combative skills better, faster, retaining them longer and continuously improve them, then this post is for you. Fundamentals first! Your combative skills’ development should be based on a solid foundation of fundamentals. Master the basics and learn advanced techniques.

Fundamentals, in the case of self-defense, are the basic principles of combative movement. According to Jim Rohn, success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.

As a self-defense trainer, I focus on the following niches:

  • Health & Performance – Composed of people who want to improve their health and athleticism through incorporating combat-related exercise into their lifestyle.


  • Self-Defense – Group of people who want to protect themselves and loved ones from violence.


  • High-Risk Professionals – People who encounter life-threatening situations on the job, such as security, corrections, military, police,


I start with fundamentals when designing a training solution for all these groups. I am convinced that the shortest path to legitimate progress is, to begin with, combative fundamentals. To help you understand it, let me tell you what fundamentals are and aren’t.

  • Fundamentals are not designed to teach you how to fight, although they are a vital starting point for the effective combative skills development.

  • While fundamentals are the foundation of all strike-based martial arts, they aren’t a martial art. The way you apply principles does change, but principles do not change. A practitioner from any martial art can benefit from giving time to learn the fundamentals.


  • Fundamentals are the mechanics of combative movement, stripped down to their vital elements. They are the basics of the efficient way to position yourself, move with balance and fluidity and of the correct way to hit with power, efficiency, and resilience.


According to Bruce Lee, it’s not the daily increase but the daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential. Fundamentals, in my opinion, are the essentials. They are square one of any self-defense system or strike-based martial art.

When you trained based on the mastery of fundamentals, you can get the following benefits:

  • Learn faster – Focusing on fundaments will shorten the learning curve when transitioning to more advanced fighting or control tactics.
  • Learn better – Fundamentals reinforce effective combative habits. Protecting your head at all times, generating power with your entire body, and maintaining a stable, balanced, yet mobile position become habitual after time is spent on the basics.


  • Retain it longer – If you mimic or memorize something, you’ll forget it eventually, but if you understand something, it is yours forever. Fundamentals help you get it faster when trying to understand the basis for combative methods and movement.


The point of this entire post is that regardless of your training goals, start with the fundamentals.