Nov 23

How Throwing Objects Help In Your Self Defense?

Throwsticks are primal survival/hunting/multi-tools on at least five continents dating back from ancient civilizations. I have nearly indestructible replicas of the Australian Aboriginal version called the kylie, one of the best-made hand-thrown objects in the world. I bought it in the middle of last year and had been planning to write about it ever since. I also planned to make a video demonstrating how to use it, but over the last few months, I’ve been so busy moving/traveling that I have not had enough time to write about it, much less create a video. This post will have to suffice until I do have time to make a video.

Throwsticks are excellent survival tools designed to fly straight and level up to 85 meters or more depending on the strength of your throw. The Australian Aborigines used kylies primarily for hunting, but they also used it as close range striking weapons, and you could use them as close-range throwing weapons as well.

My favorite thing about my throwsticks is that they are fun to throw. When I got my throwstics, my friend and I spent a couple of days throwing it back and forth at distances on a deserted beach. The way the throwsticks fly and the way they feel to throw is fantastic.

Throwing Objects In Self Defense

While throwing throwsticks make a lot of fun, I think learning to throw objects in self defense is somewhat undervalued. You may not take down someone entirely by throwing something at them if you fail to nail in the face or knee. However, throwing things at an opponent is an excellent idea and the more accurate and harder you can do it, the better. There will be something you can throw at your enemy in most natural environments. If you accurately hum something in the face of your enemy, you will put your them on defense as a natural reaction. Even if you do not hit your opponent in the face, he will be forced to move and or block, which will create openings for you to exploit.

One of my favorite combinations is to throw something at the face of an opponent and follow with an immediate kick to the groin. You can throw with almost anything, such as a backpack, a book, a laptop, a vase, a magazine, etc. If someone knocked down your front door, your first move would be to grab whatever is next to you and throw it at them, putting your attacker on defense and buying you a bit more time to get an advantage. To be as effective as possible, practicing throwing objects at targets makes sense. This is another reason I love throwsticks. They are fun, useful for training in self defense, and they are an excellent tool for a variety of purposes for anyone into outdoor survival.