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Nov 24

Fundamental of Self-Defense Skills Development

If you are looking to learn self-defense and combative skills better, faster, retaining them longer and continuously improve them, then this post is for you. Fundamentals first! Your combative skills’ development should be based on a solid foundation of fundamentals. Master the basics and learn advanced techniques. Fundamentals, in the case of self-defense, are the …

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Nov 23

How Throwing Objects Help In Your Self Defense?

Throwsticks are primal survival/hunting/multi-tools on at least five continents dating back from ancient civilizations. I have nearly indestructible replicas of the Australian Aboriginal version called the kylie, one of the best-made hand-thrown objects in the world. I bought it in the middle of last year and had been planning to write about it ever since. …

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Nov 21

Rules of Engagement In Attempting A Citizen’s Arrest

As a citizen, you have a right to protect yourself. However, when you attempt to prevent or stop a crime, the rules of engagement are somewhat tricky and may expose you to legal jeopardy. For example, you can arrest a person whom you reasonably suspect of committing a felony, even if the felony did not …

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