Nov 22

Richmond Shooting: Prosecutors Say BART Cops Acted In Self Defense

Two BART Police officers will not face charges of shooting and wounding an armed 21-year-old man last week near the Richmond BART station. An investigation determined they acted in self defense, officials said Monday.

Richmond BART station

The Contra Costa County district attorney’s office issued the decision after a preliminary investigation that started immediately after the man was shot on November 16, according to deputy district attorney Barry Grove.

Grove said a station agent noticed the man, whose name hasn’t been released, carrying a full-length shotgun, partially obscured by his pants, exiting the Richmond BART Station just before 1 a.m. The station agent alerted authorities.

Two officers recognized the man fitting the description about a hundred yards from the station. At gunpoint the duo demanded the man to stop and show his hands, Grove said. The man refused to cooperate and started to take the shotgun out of his pants. As he was taking the shotgun out of his pants, he was shot.

Grove said that the two officers fired their handguns. Medical assistance was called to the scene, and the wounded man was brought to Highland Hospital in Oakland, where he was still being treated on Monday after surgery.

Grove said that the man is going to live but added that he was not yet sure of the extent of the man’s injuries.

According to Grove, investigators reviewed the video of the incident, examined the physical evidence and interviewed witnesses, officers, the wounded suspect, and his family members. Grove said the man had a criminal history that included violent crime. Grove, however, declined to elaborate the man’s criminal record.

According to Grove, the man who was shot will face charges from the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s office, but he did not know which charges yet. Grove said that they might file charges within the next couple of weeks.

The names of the two officers involved have not been released.